RAID Storage

NyaVM use RAID technology to store your data. You can enjoy times of data security as your data is stored on multiple disks simultaneously. You no longer need to worry about data lost with our RAID storage, but just concentrate on the way to improve your service and products for your customers.

Multiple Datacenter

NyaVM provides servers at different locations and datacenters and they can meet the needs of different people. Some of them has a good protection of DDoS attack, such as BHS1 DC and GRA1 DC, which is capable to defend up to 480 Gbps of Layer 4 DDoS attack, and some of them have Asia Optimized Network, such as LA1 DC which has direct peer with China Telecom and China Unicom.

KVM Virtualization

NyaVM use KVM as our VPS virtualization technology, which provides you a full virtualized environment. You can modify the kernel as your preference and the resources of your server are guaranteed. Unlike OpenVZ, you can do much more advanced things on our KVM-vitrualized VPS.

Why would you choose NyaVM?
We have...
The fastest network to Asia and the globe
Advanced features such as KVM virtualization, Dell dedicated server, powerful Xeon processors, RAID safe storage etc.
We can help you...
Expand your service and market around the globe, and deliver your content to your customer at an unbelievable speed
Still not enough?
We offer the most competitive price and service quality!